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What Our Patients say about McGuckin Chiropractic

testimonialsWe at McGuckin Chiropractic are proud to be a part of the Valparaiso community and we are very grateful for the praise we receive. Below are some kind words from our growing family of McGuckin Chiropractic patients.

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Yours in Health,

Dr. Brian McGuckin

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  • Thank you Dr. McGuckin for seeing me the same day I called. He actually concentrated on the areas that were bothering me. He listened and took his time to work out my shoulder, and neck. I will be a patient of his for a long time.
    - A.L.
  • Completely satisfied. I liked the approach to fixing the problem.
    - GD
  • This visit was for a 16 year athlete with intermittent back spasms. Dr. McGuckin identified the root cause , developed exercises to remedy the issue and ensure that his relief is long term. Absolutely amazing visit. Thank you Doc McGuckin!
    - Bradley F.
  • I was feeling miserable before I went and already am feeling better after one treatment.
    - AG
  • Dr. McGuckin was very knowledgeable and gave good tips on what I needed to do. I don’t go to doctors unless I have to. I felt comfortable there.
    - JB
  • Very professional staff and up to date clean facility.
    - MM
  • Dr. McGuckin gave very good insights and explanations for my situation and I left very hopeful of overcoming the health challenges I have.
    - Linda C.
  • I had never been to a chiropractor before my visit. I was in so much pain due to a pinched nerve. Dr. McGuckin made me feel comfortable the second he walked in the room. His concern for my pain was evident. He explained everything in detail from why the pain was happening to the plan on how to help it. Thank you so much for your help!
    - Laura T.
  • I trust Dr. McGuckin will do his best to get me back to my optimal health and a more painless daily lifestyle. So far, really good!
    - SW
  • The doctor took time to listen and teach me about long term fixes.
    - NG
  • The experience exceeded my expectations. Dr. McGuckin is a warm personable and interested Doctor, who seems to enjoy his work. He listened and asked questions to gather additional information to better understand my needs. He comes across as sincere and passionate about improving the health of his patients. I felt at ease very quickly because of his kind and calm demeanor. I will return. Thank you.
    - TJ
  • I felt immediate relief for my hip, and received helpful information. I’m so very thankful!
    - Eleanor J.
  • It was a pleasure speaking with Dr. McGuckin. He explained everything very well for me to understand what my body is doing and how changes need to be done to feel better!
    - Lisa W.
  • I am hopeful and encouraged after my appointment with Dr. McGuckin. His approach to helping find the root of my issue is different than what I have experienced up until now.
    - KM
  • Very knowledgeable and everything was explained in detail and made it very easy to understand.
    - DT
  • The Dr. had a very good personality, was informative, and the office was very clean! I appreciated that everyone was in a mask, as I had gone to another place days prior and walked out due to lack of masks!
    - AM
  • Looking forward to seeing and feeling results.
    - WW
  • Thanks very much for an encouraging first visit! I am aware that you can only fix me if I allow myself to be fixed and that my effort in achieving that end will determine the results! I look forward to working with you to “fix” me!
    - Debra L.
  • Finally, someone that I feel is listening and actually going to help me and helping me without putting synthetic garbage in my body.
    - SC
  • Dr. McGuckin treated me with respect and kindness!
    - Detra B.
  • Very professional and friendly office staff. Great results on first visit. Was concerned about my comfort level with every adjustment. 10/10
    - Jeffrey S.
  • Great first impression for a chiropractic visit!
    - SH
  • Amazed that this common sense information was not shared with me earlier from medical facilities.
    - John H.
  • Thank you for taking the time to listen and suggest a plan that was helpful as an individual and not just the same adjustment for everyone.
    - Ethan T.
  • I’m so sorry I waited so long to make an appointment!
    - Peggy G.
  • Dr. McGuckin was amazing. So knowledgeable, great listener, and service was quick and easy! Will absolutely be back!
    - Laura R.
  • I was in such pain that I had been apprehensive about coming to get worked on but the treatment was very gentle. I will be returning!
    - KK
  • I took my son to Dr. McGuckin 20 years ago with severe issues and he really helped him find out the root cause with food and allergy testing. I’ve been sending patients to him my whole life anytime someone has a problem or issue. As I’ve aged and started having some issues myself the past few months I went back to him to have testing for myself. I’m extremely confident that we can get this under control and live a healthy happy life again!
    - WM
  • Dr McGuckin was personable and professional. The office staff was informative and helpful.
    - WN

Left My Appointment Feeling Much Better

I was in a lot of pain from sleeping in a weird position. Dr. Brian and his staff were very sympathetic with my situation and saw how I couldn't move my head downward or sideways. I left my appointment with more movement and relief from the pain.

I have scheduled my second visit for an alignment!

- M.A.

Polite and Professional

There was no wait, the receptionist was extremely polite and professional, and the doctor was extremely helpful. I explained my complaints and he immediately knew what was likely causing them. Then gave very detailed instructions on additional steps to take. I’m very pleased and hope to see him again.

– K.S.

Very Friendly Staff

Very friendly staff and didn't over stress my back out. Very knowledgeable and explained everything that was wrong and what he did. Very gentle with my sore spots but was able to relieve all pain. I couldn't get into my regular office for 4 days so I called here and was seen in 2 hours. This will be my new office. Thanks!

- R.R.

I Want to Thank Ms. Cathey

She is very helpful and kind in sending all that information about the vitamins that I requested. I have been reading it and I feel confident in taking the vitamins. Keep up the good work.

– P.

I Will Definitely Be Back

Dr. Mcguckin was awesome everything was thoroughly explained to me. I will definitely be back for adjustments and will refer him to my friends and family.

- V.K.

I Am Elated to Finally Meet You

Thanks so much for calling and discussing my problem and setting up a very positive and doable plan. I am elated to finally meet you. I look forward to working with you in the future.

– V.G.

Relaxing and Calming Atmosphere

The waiting room atmosphere was relaxing-great to destress in! And your wife was helpful and calming! She sets the tone for the office visit. Dr. McGuckin, thank you very much for helping me with my car! You're the BEST! A.M.

Easiest Adjustment I've Ever Had

Easiest adjustment I've ever had. I came in hardly able to stand up and left being able to go back to work and my workouts. I plan on coming back at least once a month to keep in good shape.

- D.A.

Excellent Visit

The thorough knowledge displayed by Dr. McGuckin in nutrition was extremely helpful. His explanations were enough to inform me, and kept everything at a level that I could understand. While I was there, he did an adjustment to help me with a hip issue I had been having for a while. EXCELLENT visit. I highly recommend Dr. McGuckin. He is more interested in fixing the root problems, rather than continuing to replace band-aids.
– J.D.

Meeting with Dr. McGuckin and his staff was most pleasant. Explanations of how the body works internally were accompanied by visuals, on paper and drawn. All concerns were addressed professionally and thoroughly. I left his office with a full understanding of all explanations and an assurance that I was in the correct place for nutritional advice. M.P.

Caring, Listening Doctor

Dr. McGuckin was so wonderful! I felt that he actually listened when I explained my symptoms and was able to tell me in detail me what was going on with my back & how we could fix it. The other doctors I have seen just gave me options that would temporarily manage the pain. or suggested surgery that may or may not help. Kathy is also wonderful! When I called to make my appointment she listened & was so kind . The minute you walk in the door you can tell that this practice is a warm caring place to be . It is so nice to be treated with respect as an individual instead of just another number coming through the door. Thank You !!

- S.I.

Can Not Say Enough

I can not say enough about Dr. McGuckin and his assistant. I was in severe pain and I called (4) chiropractic offices and no one could get me until next week. There was no way I was going to make it that long! I’ve been dealing with sciatic nerve pain for 4 days. One of my co-workers came in and told me he goes to Dr. McGuckin and loves him. So I called and the doctor andwered the phone and told me to come down right away. I was in shock. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was very nervous. He is the nicest man ever. He put me at ease immediately. When I left his office I felt 80% better. But, then when I started doing my job the pain came back with a vengeance. I immediately called his office and was told to come to his office right away. He explained the nerve and muscles were very inflamed from him working on that area. He did a cold treatment to my area and it helped so much. He told me I should be feeling full relief by the weekend.

I would highly recommend this doctor. He has a lot of compassion for his patients.

– D.M.

I am so grateful I came to visit Dr. McGuckin! From the phone call with Cathy to schedule to the visit and checkout, everything was warm and welcoming. Dr. McGuckin truly listened to my concerns and took his time to get all the details of my health concerns. I had a blood test done at my first visit, which is great because I'm excited to start my recovery journey with the practice!!K.Q.

Immaculate Professionalism & Knowledge

Dr. McGuckin has immaculate professionalism and knowledge. He will explain his hypothesis and show you how he got to that conclusion. All with accuracy and a smile. It has been a refreshing experience and I refer him now to all my friends. You’ll never be disappointed.


Dr. Mcguckin is very kind, thorough & takes the time to explain what is going on & what we can do to be proactive & begin to heal what is going on. He has been so gracious to help me in many of my needs when I was at the end of my rope. I am so thankful, grateful, & Blessed to know him & be a patient of his.M.W.

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