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What Our Valparaiso Patients say about McGuckin Chiropractic

testimonialsWe at McGuckin Chiropractic are proud to be a part of the Valparaiso community and we are very grateful for the praise we receive. Below are some kind words from our growing family of McGuckin Chiropractic patients.

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Yours in Health,

Dr. Brian McGuckin

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  • We love Dr. McGuckin’s commitment to try and figure out what is going on, instead of just treating symptoms. He has helped many of my family and friends.

    - DH
  • Thank you so much for getting me in so quickly and for the wonderful experience. Hands down best visit to a Drs office ever!!!!

    - ML
  • I first saw Dr. McGuckin over 10 years ago and was impressed at that time. I have since seen him for UTI and have been purchasing Utract (d-mannose) from him which has been a significant help.

    - BP
  • I have been seeing Dr. McGuckin for many years. His patience and professionalism is always appreciated. Thank you Dr. McGuckin for all your help!

    - DL
  • Dr. McGuckin truly cares about his patients and works to address the cause, and not just the symptom, of a problem. He and his staff are kind and very responsive; I always leave with a smile on my face.

    - KV
  • Everyone was put very much at ease. Even though it was her first chiropractor visit ever, my child was very relaxed through the process and felt comfortable sharing the details of her issue.

    - HC
  • I have been going to a chiropractor for 35 years now. Doctor McGuckin performed two procedures on me that previous doctors had never done. Looking forward to being his patient until he retires!! Thanks doc.

    - M H
  • Very helpful, answered a lot of questions we’ve been having for quite some time.

    - JH
  • Been coming there for 15 years. I have referred several people and will continue to do so. Dr. McGuckin is very knowledgeable and really wants to help people get healthy and well.

    - PP

I can not say enough about Dr. McGuckin and his assistant. I was in severe pain and I called (4) chiropractic offices and no one could get me until next week. There was no way I was going to make it that long! I’ve been dealing with sciatic nerve pain for 4 days. One of my co-workers came in and told me he goes to Dr. McGuckin and loves him. So I called and the doctor andwered the phone and told me to come down right away. I was in shock. I have never been to a chiropractic before and was very nervous. He is the nicest man ever. He put me at ease immediately. When I left his office I felt 80% better. But, then when I started doing my job the pain came back with a vengeance. I immediately called his office and was told to come to his office right away. He explained the nerve and muscles were very inflamed from him working on that area. He did a cold treatment to my area and it helped so much. He told me I should be feeling full relief by the weekend.

I would highly recommend this doctor. He has a lot of compassion for his patients. D.M.

I am so grateful I came to visit Dr. McGuckin! From the phone call with Cathy to schedule to the visit and checkout, everything was warm and welcoming. Dr. McGuckin truly listened to my concerns and took his time to get all the details of my health concerns. I had a blood test done at my first visit, which is great because I’m excited to start my recovery journey with the practice!!K.Q.

Dr. McGuckin has emmaculate professionalism and knowledge. He will explain his hypothesis and show you how he got to that conclusion. All with accuracy and a smile. It has been a refreshing experience and I refer him now to all my friends. You’ll never be disappointed.J.H.

Dr. Mcguckin is very kind, thorough & takes the time to explain what is going on & what we can do to be proactive & begin to heal what is going on. He has been so gracious to help me in many of my needs, when I was at the end of my rope. I am so thankful, grateful, & Blessed to know him & be a patient of his.M.W.

We haven’t been able to replace him since moving out of state but would highly recommend him to anyone, especially those who have never experienced chiropractic care. Thanks, Dr. McGuckin for your invaluable help during the 15 years you were our go-to health practitioner! We miss you!A.W.

I was diagnosed with Lymes disease & had been on oral & IV antibiotics on & off for a year & still not feeling great. Through Dr. McGuckin I have felt so much better. I truly believe it is because of him that I have more good days then bad. Thank you Dr. McGuckinG.S.

Dr. McGuckin is truly a gift!! He was the first person to teach me about the importance of ingredients in my personal products especially in relation to my hormones! Dr. McGuckin was also the first practitioner to give me hope that I might have and maintain a healthy pregnancy, and now I have a super healthy 5 week old daughter!D.P.

We’ve been seeing Dr McGuckin for years and have always been highly satisfied with the quality of care we receive. He is very gentle with his adjustments, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get to the root of the problem! I am always pleased by the amount of time he will take to gently get everything back in place.A.G.

Dr McGuckin came highly recommended by a temp dental hygienist; oddly enough she was covering for our usual hygienist the day I spoke with her. I truly believe that meeting her was fate. Dr. McG was very positive, explained things thoroughly and made us feel assured that we’ll be able to help our son regain his health. Thank you Dr. McG.D.P.

Cant thank you enough! My pain rate for the past 2 weeks has ranged from 8-10 everyday, causing sleepless nights, irritability and no energy. After leaving the office my pain level was down to 2 this best I have felt in days. I had increased energy and able to enjoy my very active grandsons this weekend. Thank you again looking forward to my next adjustment.S.G.

It was such a relief that someone actually listened to me and I believe has a plan of action to help me become pain free. This appointment was so different, than the Dr. coming into the room and leaving within 5 minutes without results.D.L.

We felt much better after our visit, knowing that there were better options than the prescription medications that seem to be making our Mom feel worse. We are very happy with the decision to come to Dr. McGuckin and having our Mom’s overall health improve.P.R.

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