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Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics in Valparaiso

Who Needs Orthotics?

Orthotics are full-length shoe inserts that help balance your body by creating a stable foundation. They are especially helpful for people with falling arches or flat feet, which can cause problems in the hips, knees and back. The knees bow inward when the arches bow in, and that can result in pressure on the metatarsals as well as grinding, crackling and pain in the knees.

Precisely Made

At McGuckin Chiropractic, we offer Foot Levelers orthotics, which are custom made exactly for your feet. Using lasers to measure, Foot Levelers create extremely accurate padding for precise support of three arches. Our patients who have tried Foot Levelers agree that this is a superior product that gives them the best support and stabilization.

The process is simple. We’ll do an examination to determine whether or not orthotics are a good option to help you achieve a successful outcome. If they are, we’ll measure your feet for your custom orthotics, using our on-site laser measuring device. You stand on the plate while lasers scan both feet at the same time, recording precise measurements. We’ll also take photos. Then we’ll send all of this information to Foot Levelers, where they will create custom orthotics to your exact measurements.

It takes about five to seven business days to get your custom orthotics back from Foot Levelers.

Not a chiropractic patient with us? You can still schedule an appointment for orthotics, and the process will be the same as for current patients.

Foot Levelers makes many types of orthotics, based on your activity level and preferred shoe style. You can choose very thin inserts or thick, padded ones for constant heavy work. They also offer shoes that are pre-fitted with your custom orthotic. Their selection includes Merrill and Brooks, and they even offer sandals with orthotics in them for support in the warmer weather. You no longer have to choose between stylish summer footwear and proper foot and knee support—with orthotics in the sandals, you can have both.

We chose Foot Levelers to provide orthotics for our patients because they are precisely measured and extremely well made. The laser measurements allow for the most accurate placement of padding, and patients notice an immediate improvement in their comfort and the dysfunction that was caused by their falling arches or flat feet.

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