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Listening + Laboratory Testing = Nutritional Solutions

patient-informationGet the nutritional help that your body needs to get better! Our personalized approach involves sitting down with Dr. McGuckin for a one-on-one nutritional counseling consultation. He will listen carefully to your concerns, then create an individualized plan to help you regain your health. You’ll find:

  • The root of your problem
  • What can be done to help
  • The costs involved
  • What to expect over the next 3-6 months

With proper testing, you’ll get an accurate diagnosis. A variety of testing options are provided at McGuckin Chiropractic to determine how best to help you.

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Allergy Testing for delayed onset reactions. Allergens are tested with the most accurate methods available with the ELISA ACT allergy test. We test for foods, chemicals, preservatives, molds, and toxic metals.

Adrenal Gland Assessment is of immense help when under prolonged daily stresses, weak thyroid function, and low progesterone. This effects men and women equally. This is very important with anxiety, poor sleep, and daytime exhaustion.

Bioidentical Hormone Assessment is for females of all ages and older males. Daily stresses contribute to improper hormone balance. We use the most accurate laboratories available for this testing. Testing hormones on a single day as well as for a complete 28-30 day mapping cycle is available.

Complete Laboratory Testing is available for comprehensive evaluation of the entire body.

Hair Analysis is utilized to measure for any toxic metal exposure as well as identify low mineral availability and use of minerals in the body.

Spirometry Lung Function is the greatest indicator of life expectancy. This extremely accurate device evaluates your overall health and cardiovascular system.

Osteoporosis Testing involves blood and hair analysis for mineral availability, hormone testing for proper stimulation of the bone cells and Cross Linked Peptide Testing, a specialized protein test to detect osteoporosis.

Find out what we can do for you. Schedule your appointment today! Early appointment hours are available.

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