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Discover Relief From Inflammation With Lymphocyte Response Assay

When you’re struggling with inflammation, be it headaches, neck pain, back pain, or painful joints affecting your quality of life, finding lasting relief is crucial. Inflammation often stems from triggered white blood cells, and the particles they release can deposit in various areas of your body, leading to discomfort. Our goal is to provide an accurate method to identify why these white blood cells are causing trouble.

Introducing the Lymphocyte Response Assay, a remarkable test we’ve been using for over 30 years. With an impressive 97% accuracy and reproducibility rate, this test is the gold standard in laboratory testing. It measures 406 items, including foods, chemicals, additives, preservatives, molds, and toxic metals. This test is not an IgE immediate allergy test; it’s a Delayed Onset Sensitivity Test that identifies T Lymphocytes, specific white blood cells known for exploding only when they detect a harmful antibody or foreign particle.

What Are Your Hidden Sensitivities?

What’s truly fascinating is that our specialized T lymphocyte cell culture using kinase, a protein structure, produces an illuminating halo around the cell when activated. The reactions from these white blood cells occur anywhere from two hours to four days after exposure, leading to chronic inflammation.

Our ultimate aim is to identify and address your hidden sensitivities contributing to inflammation. After measuring those 406 items (foods, chemicals, additives, preservatives, molds, and toxic metals), we create a personalized plan involving dietary changes, avoidance of problem substances, detoxification for chemicals, and a nutritional regimen to support healing, repair, and regeneration.

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The Effects of Stress on the Body

Remember, each person’s chemistry is unique, and what triggers a delayed onset reaction for one might not affect another. By avoiding these substances and allowing the body to repair over time, we aim to eliminate these sensitivities and provide long-lasting relief from inflammation.

Get on the Path to Reclaiming Your Health

Ready to discover how the Lymphocyte Response Assay can help you regain control of your health? Schedule your appointment today and take the first step toward a life free from chronic inflammation.

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Dr. McGuckin uses diet and nutritional support to help your body repair. Dr. McGuckin works with your current doctor(s), and is not considered a replacement for your primary care physician. Dr. McGuckin requires all patients to have a primary care physician to cover emergencies and routine care.

Testing and nutritional supplement recommendations are not a substitute for, or in place of, any medications or recommendations made by your medical doctors or other licensed healthcare professionals, and that no medications should be discontinued or initiated without the advice of your medical doctor or other healthcare provider(s) you are seeing.


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