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Updates on My Delayed Onset Allergy Test


My wife was sitting on the edge of the bed, looked at me with alarm, and said, “Is that your stomach growling?”  On Cue my stomach made another growl, and she shook her head, “It sounds like a 12-hour fast killing you.”  I said longer than that.  She starts laughing, “Are you going to be all right?”  “I do not think this is funny, I am fine, I am just noisy.” My stomach goes into a real long growl and she burst out laughing again.

I did my food allergy test again, and I got my test results back.  We have had many patients tell us that they lose weight when they do the allergy test.  I have to say I am very impressed with the hard work people have put into eating healthy through the stress all of us have been through this past 4 months.  Bravo to everyone who has lost weight, a fantastic effort and success.

Myself on the other hand, I succumbed to stress eating.  Starting up the allergy test diet helps the digestive tract become more efficient. You feel better, eat less, and my growling stomach is a good sign that my short pants will once again fit.  I hope to entertain my wife every morning with growls.

There are two sides to the immune system, immediate and delayed.  The allergy reaction system we are most familiar with is the immediate reaction. Eat a strawberry and 45 minutes later have a rash or start sneezing.  The delayed response allergies happen 2 hours to 4 days later.  Often called hidden allergies because they create enormous amounts of inflammatory particles in the bloodstream causing many of the chronic health issues we put up with.

The accurate test for this is the ELISA/ACT allergy test.  This test originated from a collaboration with a researcher at St. Louis Medical School and my friend, Dr. Jaffe.  The goal of the two researchers was to prevent strokes in the high-risk populations by using this testing method to reduce inflammation.  Inflammation causes the formation of blood clots.  Anyone with high blood sugar, achy joints, and any type of swelling in general can have enough inflammation to have a stroke.

The ELISA/ACT test identifies allergies by placing a tiny amount of blood in a special holder and specks of foods, chemicals, preservatives, molds, and toxic metals are individually assessed with a microscope.  If the white blood cells explode, they have an identifiable allergic reaction.  The test has a 97% reproducibility rate.  None of the other labs have that level of accuracy or test as many items.

Last year I was getting stiff with my muscles and joints.  I could have easily dismissed it as aging, but that is not accurate.  It is inflammation.  The killer was my test last year showed an allergic reaction to beef.   My friend, Paul stopped by yesterday and I told him my new allergy test did not show beef. He high fived  me.

Paul was interested in how the immune system repaired itself.  By avoiding a food item for a period of time, the memory for reacting to a food will go away.  The leaky gut allows the absorption of partially digested pieces of food, and the immune system begins reacting to these larger particles.  Avoidance stops the exposure, and the memory drops off.  By repeating the test you can stop the inflammation in the intestines and over time eliminate the leaky gut.

I had avoided beef for six months and then had some real good aged steaks that my buddy, Bob, got for me from Al’s.   The next morning I felt stiff.  I knew the allergy was still there.  At 8 months I tried the last of Bob’s steaks and I felt ok.  It has been 12 months since the test, and I could tell my immune system was changing.  I was not achy anymore, but I wanted to know what had happened.

My test from 12 months ago showed 23 allergens.  When you get over 20 allergens out of 406 it shows the intestines are not that healthy, leaky gut is present.  This allergy test showed 24 allergens.  I have work to do on repairing my intestines.  A healthier person would see the allergies drop year to year.  Stress from the last four months took its toll.

What I did notice with my new allergens is that I am detoxifying more chemicals and toxic metals.  My allergy test showed Ethyl Mercury as reactive.  This means I have come in contact with Mercury somehow or my body is pulling it out of the fat layer and I am detoxifying.  I would like to think it is the latter.

The improved power plants are very clean in our area, there is no mercury coming from them.  I believe this stored mercury is being mobilized by the all natural vitamin C and I am better able to detoxify as my omega-3 oils have increased.  Omega-3 and 6 oils let the cell wall open up and become permeable.  Nutrients can come in and toxins can come out.

My Omega 3 oil concentration was 4.46% last year.  This year it is 7.96% with 8% as the goal.  My personal goal is to get close to 10% by this time next year.  Getting the chemicals and pollutants out of my body will be much easier with optimal Omega 3 and 6 oils.

There are eight prevention tests.  Tests that will tell you if your body is safe and if you are meeting your nutritional demands.  I will go over these tests the next couple of weekends.  We are not supposed to live with the fear of having something go wrong.  We can predict health.

Strokes run in my family so I have a real interest in keeping my inflammation levels to a minimum.  There are no simple lab tests that can be predictive.  You can have a vague idea with real high platelets or a significant elevation with fibrinogen, but these tests have to be taken into context of what is going on with a person.  GGT for pregnancies is important.   Shout out to Patient V for being at 10 items!  The goal is getting overall allergy load below 10 items so inflammation is low with nothing to worry about.

Except tomorrow morning, when I will wake up with my wife staring at me  saying, “Gee, you are noisy.”

Have a great weekend,

Dr. McGuckin 


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