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The 8 Predictive Tests for a Healthy Life

My wife, Kathy, showed me an article she read on the website goop.  “How to Not Look Old & Tired,” by Dr. Frank Lipman.  He goes on to say there are 10 reasons for premature aging.

Reason #1: You’re Not Eating the Right Foods and Getting Enough Healthy Fats.

Reason #2: You’re Eating Too Many Carbs and Starches.

Reason #3: Your Microbiome Is Out of Whack.

Reason #4: Your Hormones Are Out of Balance.

Reason #5: You Don’t Move Enough.

Reason #6: You’re Stressed!

Reason #7: You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep.

Reason #8: You’re Overmedicated.

Reason #9: You’re Not Getting Enough Nutrients.

Reason #10: You’re Lacking a Sense of Passion, Meaning and/or Community

The article was very well written and worth looking up.

I liked the article because it gave an action plan.  I was not being told,  “You’re not 21 anymore.”  I really do not like hearing that.  Our physical capacity to have vitality and enjoy ourselves is not limited by age, it is limited by cell physiology meaning the ability of a cell to turn food into energy.

My wife and I were invited to a dinner party where everyone brought a dish.  The hosts Marie and Jim had cooked chicken covered in herbs with olives.  A recipe they had learned while living in France.  The other guests brought a salad and bruschetta.  We had brought a Vegetable Tian made of eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes.

I was heartily warmed to see all eight of us eating vegetables.  The chicken not only was delicious it was a balance of protein and alkaline forming herbs and olives. The vegetables were all alkaline; the tomatoes with the bruschetta appetizer, the salad, and the vegetable dish.  The vegetables were eaten by everyone and there was none left.  I even commented how enjoyable it was to see 8 people getting together and eating healthy.  The alkaline vegetables provided the acid / base balance and minerals needed to stimulate cellular energy.

We all cherish our friends and family and we want to be healthy.  How do we know we are going to hold up?

The good news is there are 8 tests that let you know exactly how healthy you are today and a very accurate window into your future health.   I want to introduce you to these tests and over the next few weeks go into them in detail.

 Hemoglobin A 1 C is a measure of blood sugar over a 30 day period of time.  This tests measures blood sugar elevations that may occur throughout the day and then are pooled into a healthy or unhealthy range.  Elevations of Hemoglobin A 1 C leads to arterial damage and to an increase in overall body inflammation.                                                                                                           .

  1. High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein.  This test measures actual inflammation in the heart arteries and determines if you have active cardiovascular disease.                                                          .
  2. Homocysteine.  Proteins are broken down into amino acids and eventually removed as waste through the urine.  This breakdown system is very dependent on the B vitamins:  B 6, B 12, Folates, and the mineral magnesium.  If these nutrients are not high enough in our diets and or there is a genetic or stress reason for higher needs the Homocysteine will elevate.  Homocysteine is a strong artery irritant and has a direct correlation with a shortened longevity.                                .
  3. Delayed onset allergy testing for foods, chemicals, preservatives, and toxic metals.  When our immune system becomes over burdened we lose the ability to repair.  This is evident from achy joints for no good reason, back pain that will not go away, and other inflammatory conditions.                                                                                                                                                             .
  4. Omega 3 Oil Concentrations.  The cell wall is a fatty protein.  The Omega 3 oils -  EPA/DHA oils allow the cell wall to be fluid.  Nutrients come into a cell and toxins / cellular debris come out when the omega 3 oils are adequate.  The ability to test this accurately is fairly new and a game changer.  We can now measure why people are storing chemicals and why nutrients are not getting into a cell.  If your omega 3 concentrations are low you will not repair properly.                   .
  5. First Morning’s Urine pH.  The entire cell energy system is dependent on three things: Large amounts of available vitamin C, Magnesium, and a balanced hydrogen levels from alkaline eating.  If the cells becomes acidic with too many hydrogens the cells will not produce energy.  We begin to age prematurely.  Are you getting old because of your age or your cell health?                                                                                                                                                                                                               .
  6. Vitamin D. This is actually a nervous system communication hormone.  This is important from mood to cancer prevention.  The trick here is listening to the vitamin D researchers and getting your values into the optimum range.                                                                                                                                                                     .
  7. 8-hydroxyguanine.  Yes, that is a mouthful.  This measures if your DNA is fragmenting.  This is the definitive test of measuring your overall dietary habits, exercise, and supplementation.  If the DNA is fragmenting you are aging.  If you keep your cell physiology in balance you really can coast for a long, long time.

Thanks for reading we will get into more detail over the next several weekends.


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