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Staying Healthy, Chemicals, and Delayed Onset Allergic Reactions.

Staying Healthy, Chemicals, and Delayed Onset Allergic Reactions.
We have been seeing a lot of chemical induced allergic reactions and there are some simple things you can do at home to keep yourself safe.
With our urban living, most of us live near highly traveled highway systems with more automotive exhaust than we would like to think about. Unleaded gasoline uses Xylene and Toluene in its production and we do breath these and other chemicals in. The immune system’s white blood cells identifies these chemicals as they transport into the blood stream from the lungs. They recognize them as toxins and break them apart and remove them via the kidneys and the liver.
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What allows the chemical to be transferred through the tissue structures of the lungs into the blood stream is the permeability of the cell walls involved. Healthy cells allow food, oxygen, and water in while excreting toxins and waste. If you are low in Omega 3 and 6 oils the cell wall loses its permeability resulting in nutrients cannot get in and toxins cannot leave. If we store the chemicals in a high enough concentration then we will see the immune system become activated trying to remove the foreign deposits.
When we test the delayed onset allergens for chemicals we will see positive allergic reactions. The only way the immune system can say you or I are allergic to chemicals is because it has identified it in us. We see this in the unexplained asthma patient, the uncontrolled migraine headaches, odd cancers, pain syndromes, and fatigue issues.
The number one reason the chemicals store is a lack of Omega 3 oils which is primarily Salmon for our geographic area. The Omega 6 oils are second in importance and this is from flax and avocado consumption.
Things you can do.
We use Omega 3 oils to get the EPA/DHA, the fatty acids to keep the cell membrane open, from companies that double distill the oil to remove 100% of the mercury (not just to parts per billion) and the oil is packaged in nitrogen so it will not go bad causing smell and burping when it is rancid. The oil should taste like nothing if you open the capsule and taste it.
*Vegetarians can get the EPA fatty acids from vegetarian sourced Omega 3 oils.
*Eat flax seed cereal and avocados weekly. The Omega 6 oils are needed in balance with the Omega 3.
*Lots of vitamin C helps the cells have enough energy to remove the chemicals so they do not store.
*Most of our exposure is atmospheric but city water is not filtered for chemicals and no one knows. Please use bottled water in the five gallon containers or use a high quality filter.
*Eat Wild Caught Salmon. In the future, the farm raised Salmon might be fine but for now the wild caught is the one to get. Canned Salmon is wild caught Salmon.
*Salmon on the grill sounds good even if there is snow.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Dr. McGuckin
The link below has more information on the benefits of EPA/DHA Omega 3 oils.

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