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On Friday I had gone to McGowan & Sons Fish Market to get Wild Caught Salmon. I specifically wanted a meal high in Omega 3 oils. My interest was from an article last week in the Post Tribune on an atmospheric gas leak in Michigan and the fear of this causing future cancers.  First, the concern of getting cancer is very real and second it is not limited to sporadic events as in the article. Our exposure to chemicals has seen a 15 fold increase from the year1900 to 2000. That is a 15,000% increase in chemical pollution. We have to be healthy enough that when we are exposed to dangerous things our body’s detoxification systems will take care of it.

Instead of fearing the worse why not be proactive and detoxify in a whole body way preventing illnesses in  the first place?  We can do this with a high concentration of Omega 3 oils to Omega 6. This ratio lets the cell wall “breath”, nutrients can come in and toxins can come out.  The cell wall is a fatty protein and we want the fatty part to be permeable. This is why the EPA/DHA pills are so important, it lets us detoxify the pollutants we come in contact with, otherwise we have the potential to store them causing a health issue.

This is why when we do the Delayed Onset Allergy Test we also run an Omega 3 and 6 oil concentration. The Delayed Onset Allergy test helps identify immune system reactivity to stored chemicals. The Omega 3 oil concentration test lets us know if we are capable of detoxifying.

When we do the vitamin C lymphatic cleanses we can only get the toxins to come out of the cell if the cell membrane is fluid. The test is a High Sensitivity Erythrocyte fatty acid test and is extremely accurate.

We also use Omega 3 oils that are distilled at the minimum heat in a nitrogen environment to prevent oxidative breakdown when removing 100% of mercury and PCB’s. Once the oil is made the gelatin capsules are filled with nitrogen with oil to prevent oxygen from getting into the capsule. If the pills are not made with a nitrogen bath the oil will go rancid  very quickly.

Prevention of chemical induced illnesses is that simple. Omega 3 and 6 oils in the right balance. Identifying if your immune system is reacting to stored chemicals, and doing regular cleanses with the L Ascorbate form of vitamin C.

If you are intimidated cooking fresh Salmon go over to McGowan’s on Burlington Beach Road and talk to Bob and Leslee. They have the Wild caught Salmon and have the expertise for lots of ideas.  You can get your fish and a vegetable salad. Fish cooks very fast and you have a pre made all natural salad. It’s perfect.
Enjoy your weekend.

Dr. McGuckin

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