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Natural Solutions for Pain Management

The Wall Street Journal had an article in their Thursday, February 7th., 2019, paper entitled “A New Prognosis for Pain Care” by Laura Landro.  This was a very well written when you think of the enormity of the subject of chronic pain and the multitude of options for treatment.  What I like about the article is her comments on natural holistic approaches to pain management.

 In this article she mentions the role of spinal manipulation, acupuncture, bio feed back / self hypnosis techniques, and yoga.  All of these options work, but the average person can still have difficulty managing chronic pain on a day to day basis.  The article describes the medical efforts of being more precise with the types of medications they use to manage chronic pain and this is where I want to offer an alternative to the medications.

I want to share what we know in the natural realm in pain management with long lasting results.

For arthritic pain, that is joints where the cartilage is damaged and thinning, purified glucosamine will give long term pain relief.  The key to glucosamine is absorption.  The product has to be purified to the single glucosamine sulfate ingredient to be absorbed.  The cartilage will regrow giving long term relief of pain.  The pain relief is most often not 100% but reduced enough to where the person can enjoy daily activities.

Quercitin is a bioflavanoid.  Our products are the Pain Guard and Repair Guard.  The Quercitin comes from a sustainably grown palm plant that helps torn tissue repair.  What makes an orange, orange in color, is a bioflavonoid.  The bioflavonoids help mend torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  They amplify the effectiveness of vitamin C.

In order to be absorbed the quercitin has to be ground to a microscopic dot.  This is what we are paying for when we buy these products.  The microscopic dot is what is absorbed through the intestines.  The citrus forms of bioflavonoids in pills have a very low rate of absorption and do not repair at the rate that we need for success.  The military was at one time, they may still be, the number one purchaser of purified quercitin.  They are very interested in getting their injured personnel off of Advil.

The quercitin mixes with vitamin C and accelerates the production of new muscle, ligament, and tendon cells aiding in repair of chronically painful injuries.

From a practical stand point.  Eating dark colored fruit is essential for a healthy life and if you have an injury that is not recovering they way you want eating more of these items is a good start.

Chronic neck and low back pain due to arthritic and degenerated discs can benefit from the glucosamines and quercitin products.  Re-occurring joint strain and disc tearing due to muscle imbalances with gait can be helped with stabilization exercises.

Inflammatory joint and spinal pain conditions are helped with delayed onset allergy testing.  A hyperactive immune system can attack the tissue structures of the joints and spine.

The goal is a pain free enjoyable life.  If things are not quite right start with lots of colored fruits and vegetables for the bioflavonoids.  We try to be more specific with exercises in the office but a mini trampoline works for stabilizing low back muscles.


Best Wishes,

Dr. McGuckin

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