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Matching Colors and Two Forms of B 6

Matching Colors and the two forms of B6

As you may already know, we went to Chicago two weekends ago to watch the Rolling Stones. We got to the Hotel early to beat traffic and get ready. At the front desk the hostess said the room was not ready and gave us two drink cards for waiting in the lounge until the room was ready.

The hotel lounge was beautiful and the outside view was even better with the Chicago River and the view of the bridges on the river. I was the happiest out of towner there ever was, and I was not going to use my drink card on a beer. The drink menu had a cocktail with all natural tonic water. The drink was called an Empress Gin and Tonic. How could this go sideways, it is all natural? Kathy got a light Sangria, it sounded better than a strong one.

Kathy is wearing a purple polo shirt and I am wearing a pink shirt. The drinks show up. Kathy’s drink is pink, a rosé with strawberries, the exact color of my shirt and my drink is purple looking like her polo. My drink turned out to be blueberry gin. We just smiled and thought it was funny. The hostess came by a few minutes later and said the room was ready and then she stopped talking. Her mouth opened, she pauses, and says, “You’re so colorful, and you match your drinks.” Then she bursts out laughing. “You match your drinks” and she can’t control her laughing. She is walking away laughing. Everyone in the lounge turns and stares at us with polite smiles.

For the 4th of July, we have a brunch party that we time with the parade that goes in front of our house. When I matched my friend Paulette we were both laughing. Her husband Bob had taken the good pictures of the concert and had already heard my adventures in the lounge.

Eating Healthy Tastes Good and is More Fun

All this talk of matching brings up a conversation from my monthly functional medicine teleconference on B 6. There are two types of all natural B6. Pyridoxine hydrochloride and Pyridoxol 5′ phosphate. I did not realize that the natural B6 was derived from a fermentation process. The natural formation ensured that we get an exact natural duplicate B6. The synthetically made B6 has a byproduct, a secondary form of B6 called a conjuguer. Conjuguers are nervous system irritants. We want the pure all natural.

The B6 form called Pyridoxol 5′ phosphate releases a phosphorus molecule in the intestine helping the intestine function. The pyridoxine hydrochloride form helps the rest of the body. We need both forms of B6 and in different concentrations based on what we want to repair.

For example, someone with rheumatoid arthritis will begin to repair their immune system after they have done several vitamin C flushes and are following their delayed onset allergy diet based on their test. The immune complexes, the large immune system proteins identified with joint attack, will begin to be removed through the kidneys. This means they are getting better, but we have to watch overloading the kidneys with someone getting better too fast. Yes, it can be a wow sometimes when people get better to fast.

In this example we use Life Guard in high amounts as it has both forms of the natural B6. We can take stress off of the kidneys during these times of high rates of detoxification. We can do this for the person helping them get rid of the bad stuff with minimal stress on he kidneys. You can’t do this with the inferior grades of B6.

Vegetables have lots of B vitamins. Everyone brought fruit and vegetables to the 4th of July party. Rob brought a great black bean salad that was infused with lime juice. Sherri brought a strawberry dish. Paulette, a vinegar based potato salad. Bob, a spiced cucumber salad from his favorite magazine, Garden and Gun. I had made a Niçoise salad and the lentil salad you may have seen as the post card. We needed the extra B6 because my buddy John was making the Bloody Mary’s.

I am sharing to show that the intention of eating healthy tastes good and is more fun. My goal was to feel good after the party.

A couple days after the 4th of July party, Kathy overheard a conversation of someone complaining of a severe histamine reaction from something she ate at her party. The person went on and on about how she wished she knew what it was. Was it the food colorings in the pickles, the preservatives in all the deli foods, or the chemicals in the drinks? That person had enough chemicals come in to her to ruin the rest of her day. That’s why this is important for all of us.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and take your supplements.

Dr. McGuckin

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    Awesome !looks delicious 😀

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      Thank you

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