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Inflammation, Weight Loss, and Delayed onset ELISA/ACT Allergy Test

My friend Paul called on Wednesday and said, “Am I glad you are allergic to beef and not me!”.  Thanks Paul, I am going to figure how to make this diet and allergy eating taste good.  The only ringer I can see coming up is when my mother-in-law leans over at brunch tomorrow and says, “Kathy is not looking, do you want some roast beef?”  There might be some dual meaning in that.

Patient B here has not been feeling good or according to my wife, not looking so good either.  Which I do not understand, as men have this innate ability to look in the mirror and presto we look great.  It was not until all the clothes in the closet shrank that I came up with the idea that something is amiss.  And, you ladies well know what my wife said, “Gee I wonder where you got that idea from?”

I tested 406 items for delayed onset reactions.  When we eat something we are allergic to we will make 10 to 30 million white blood cells very quickly, within minutes.  There are patches of white cells that line the intestines and the signaling proteins tell them that there is an allergen being absorbed.  The allergen, as it passes into the blood stream triggers more and more white blood cells into production.

The body does not like the imbalance in white blood cells.  In the immediate allergic reaction, these 10 to 30 million white blood cells are “reduced” back to the set point.  That means they are exploded in less than 60 minutes and all the inflammatory particles from the white cells are released into the blood stream all at once.  This is the severe sudden onset of symptoms.

Delayed onset allergic reactions happen the same way with allergic build up of 10 to 30 million white blood cells, but they explode anywhere from 2 hours to 4 days later with a 3 week trail.  Often called hidden allergies as we just do not know why we feel the way we do.

Our patient Mary asked on Monday, “Where do I start?” and that was a very good question.  I did not know where to start myself.  I was not feeling good and saying it is an age issue was just not true. The inflammation from allergic reactions will stress the Adrenal Glands leading to weight gain.

Of the 406 items tested I came back allergic to 19.  In my opinion as you get close to 20 allergic reactions it means the intestine is allowing things to be passed through that it should not.  There is enough inflammation in the intestine to damage the intestinal lining allowing undigested pieces of food, chemicals, plastics etc., to be absorbed resulting in a leaky gut.  This has to be fixed or I will just create new reactions 10 to 12 months from now.

Things that came up on my test:

Egg whites, this means Mayonnaise, anything made with eggs such as pastries and egg noodles.



Maple Sugar

Tofu and Soybeans.  I have to stay away from anything made with soy.  Any vegetable oil products as they are not differentiating what oil is used and food labeling laws allow substitution.  No soy sauce.

Beef and Veal

Cottonseed oil.  This is used in canned fish products, some chips, almost all roasted nuts, and it is used to make magnesium stearate a binder in most prescriptions and vitamins.  Perque does not use cottonseed oil, almost all other vitamin companies use this in their products.  Anabolic states their magnesium stearate is not made from cottonseed oil.

Black walnuts

Yellow food dye.  No more M & M’s.  The big culprit with food colorings are over the counter pills, prescriptions, and vitamins.

Agar gum.  This is a thickener in Asian foods.


Grape Seed oil.  I happen to love using this oil.


Cayenne pepper.  I am going to stay away from all hot peppers to avoid a cross reaction.


Vinyl Chloride. This is soft plastic containers for food storage.  The plastic smell in cars with cloth seats and floor mats.  The goal is to avoid all plastic containers for food and liquid storage.  Any cookies packaged in a plastic container as they are coming off the conveyor belt are hot dropping into the plastic holder.  A patient taught me that one as they noticed allergic reactions to the plastic, this is real.

EDTA.  This is added to condiments as a preservative.

Carbon Disulfide.  An insect spray.  On all skinned fruit I will use the fruit and vegetable cleaners found in the grocery store.  I personally can only eat organic grapes grown in the U.S.  Even with the cleaners the standard grapes make me ill afterwards, it gives me a hoarse voice and I cough.      

Chlordane.  An insect spray. This is very commonly used and exposure is in the food chain.  The bigger question here is why I am not releasing it through normal detoxification.

The chemical reactions mean these things are storing in my fat layer and the white blood cells are reacting to them enough to trigger an allergic response.  This is chronic inflammation and overall body stress.  Now the blood test results that did not look so good a few articles back make more sense.  I am experiencing inflammation from stored chemicals.

Omega 3 and 6 Oil Testing

The cell wall is a fatty membrane that allows nutrients in and toxins out.  This permeability is maintained with the essential oils Omega 3 and 6.  If they are low it means that I will not be able to detoxify properly and will begin storing chemicals.  I thought I would come in just fine as I take 2 -3 EPA/DHA Omega 3 pills per day and I eat Avocados for the Omega 6.  I did not test well.

My Omega 3’s are in the 4-5% range and we want it to be over 8%.  The Omega 6’s tested ok, but I really have to increase my Omega 3 oils.  I was surprised as I eat wild caught Salmon weekly and take the supplements.  However, my cellular demand for the Omega 3’s is more and I think it is due to my overall chemical burden.

My goal now is to do a vitamin C flush / cleanse to stimulate energy in the cells and remove the stored chemicals.  I have to come up with recipes that taste good, and promote a healthier body without being boring.

Next week I want to talk about the vitamin C flush and cleanse and the first morning’s urine pH as a way to track on a daily basis if what we do really is creating change at the cellular level.

If you are in Valparaiso for lunch try Roots.  The food is exactly what we are looking for.  Filling and at the same time it tastes great, and you feel good afterwards.

Once the weather warms up a little I am going to invite Paul to some sporting clays at Deer Creek and I will be all smiles afterwards at Journeyman’s, enjoying Bison.  In the meantime Bug’s Bunny and I are going to be busy eating organic carrots.  Thanks Paul.  You have to go there yourself on the web it is blocked for the over 21 regulation.

Allergy Testing with the ELISA/ACT Delayed onset test

Roots Juice Cafe


Thanks for reading.

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