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Inflammation and the 8 Predictive Health Tests

I was President of the Chiropractic Internists in 1997.  Part of my responsibility was hiring speakers for the annual meeting.  That year we hired a medical doctor who was head of Nephrology (kidney issues) from Georgetown Medical School and my immunology friend from the ELISA/ACT (allergy lab) to speak.  He was a research scientist from the National Institute of Health.

The doctor from Georgetown would not stop talking. He was thrilled to be around vitamin takers and was in heaven because he was a huge vitamin promoter.  The reason is because once the kidneys are damaged there is very little that can be done.  He was very big on prevention.

My immunology friend, Dr. Jaffe, talked about inflammatory conditions, auto immunity, and his reasons for developing the Elisa allergy test we currently use.  Afterward my wife, myself, and our year old daughter went out to dinner.  I asked him what he and his friends used as a way to determine a person’s nutritional needs.  He said they still had not perfected a system.  I was startled, these guys are really smart and they were still struggling with “Why does this work?”

In 2000 I met up Dr. Jaffe at a seminar.   He had a vast amount of material explaining a method of staying healthy with cellular physiology.  I asked him, “You figured it out?”  He smiled and said, “YES!”  He figured out the why behind how we age, get sick, and what to do to prevent this from happening.

Since then he and his researchers have been working on natural health care through their group named the Health Studies Collegium.  I like this because everything we talk about is science based.  I have been certified by them and have access when unique questions come up.  They have been a great help when people come in with long standing chronic health issues.

This is where the 8 Predictive Tests come from.  Today I am talking about three of those tests.  The cells of your body turn food into energy and with that energy they can repair and restore your body to health.  Anything that interferes with this function, whether it is toxic elements or deficiencies leads to inflammation and dysfunction.

I want to cover three of these tests and how we use them.

The first morning’s urine pH is a nutritional marker.  Are we meeting the cell’s nutritional demands with diet, vitamins and minerals?  If the first morning’s, get out of bed urine, pH is not 6.4 on litmus paper we need to talk.  What I find interesting is these nutritional solutions all started with scientific research at universities.  The Health Studies Collegium followed up with their own research and validated that this really works.  As a result, this is what we use.

Omega 3 Essential Oils.  EPA/DHA.  The cell wall is a fatty protein.  The omega 3 and 6 oils make the cell wall breath.  They let the fats of the wall become open.  Nutrients can come in and toxins can come out.  The testing of the oils has just recently been perfected to have an accuracy rate that is consistent.  This is a game changer.  A lot of the chronically sick people are storing toxins in their body.  Exposure to plastics, gasoline exhaust, mercury, and lead are the ones we see most.

Delayed onset allergy test for foods, chemicals, preservatives, and toxic metals (ELISA/ACT Test) determines our body’s ability to repair.  When our immune system is over burdened we lose our ability to repair resulting in achy joints for no good reason, back pain that will not go away, and other inflammatory conditions.

Dr. Jaffe’s job at the NIH was blood clot risk identification.  He was one the scientists  developing blood clotting tests we still use today.  Dr. Jaffe had a breakthrough in the way the samples were collected with glass tubes.  He was feeding his infant daughter breast milk with a glass bottle and noticed little white clumps in the milk.  The immune system antibodies (proteins) were reacting to the glass.  This observation led to a breakthrough in improving the quality of the ELISA/ACT and other tests.  We only use the ELISA/ACT Test for delayed onset allergies because it has a 97% reproducibility rate testing 406 foods, chemicals, preservatives, molds, and toxic metals.

An example of this working is in inflammatory conditions.  Someone with chronic muscle, joint, and spine pain would have the delayed onset ELISA/ACT allergy test done.  We would identify foods and chemicals that the immune system was reacting to.  The first step is avoiding the allergic foods and the second is detoxification.  The only way the immune system is identifying chemicals or toxic metals is if it is being stored in your fat layer and we have to get it out.

The Omega 3 and 6 oil testing lets us know if your cell wall is going to allow nutrients in and toxins out.  Yes, there are tests that will tell you if the nutrients are getting in.  I use the omega 3 and 6 test as it gets to the real reason, cell permeability.  If this is low then we add this to the nutritional regimen. We use only oil that is packaged in nitrogen so it will not rot and it is double distilled to be 100% free of mercury and PCB’s. Most oil products are parts per billion contaminated and are not packaged in nitrogen.

Finally we now need to know if the cell is capable of detoxification and repair.  This is the first morning’s urine pH.  If we are meeting your body’s nutritional demands you will see this read between 6.5 and 7.5 on the litmus paper.  This is the get out of bed urine pH, not the middle of the night or day.

Now we will see results.  We have had numerous cases where the symptoms of inflammation would not leave until we got the pH in the optimal range. It takes time to repair and detoxify.

The toxins and the low Omega 3 oils are playing a bigger and bigger role in the chronic illnesses.  Next week I want to share with the two predictive tests for cardiovascular health and how this plays into the common heart related issues we see on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading.

Brian McGuckin, D.C., DABCI

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