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Fatigue, Memory, Aged California Wine, vs Organic

Fatigue, Memory, Aged California Wine, vs Organic

I was in my favorite grocery store, Al’s Valueland, and as I passed the coffee isle I remembered I needed coffee. To my happy surprise they had coffee from Hawaii being that the summer people are back. Hawaii is volcanic soil with a high mineral content. The minerals in the bean lead to a lessened acid load on our cells and it has a distinct mellow flavor. I was thrilled to find this.
It was whole bean and I went over to the grinder. We had used our coffee grinder at home to chop nuts and it had been over worked so I was going to use the grinder in the store. I am struggling to open the package pulling in all different directions. Most of the coffee packages will open fairly easily but this one wanted to test hand strength. All I could think of is this is going to go poof and there will be an entire bag of beans all over the floor. Out of pure fear of public embarrassment I slowed things down. There probably is a pair of scissors somewhere, I of course did not take the time to look. I slowly got this to open and filled the grinder. I put the package container under the spout and turned on the grinder.
Right when all the beans were ground it dawned on me there were paper coffee bags stacked in a nice row. How are you going to seal your opened package? All I could think of is “Great, this is like falling on the ice, you always wonder how many people are watching, and now me emptying the contents into the paper bag.” 
I was laughing at myself, “How did you forget to use the paper bag?” there must have been a hundred bags. Well, I was preoccupied with my Hawaiian coffee find, but the real reason may be more of a brain fatigue issue. I have not been taking my magnesium with the carrier choline citrate for a couple days. I win the lazy award this week and I do notice when I do not take it. 
I got home and started thinking about a conversation I had talked with my friend, Dr. Jaffe, at a teaching seminar about the drinkability of aged California wine. He had mentioned that the aged wines from California had to be drank quite quickly or they would oxidize losing the taste quality the person was wanting to enjoy. He mentioned this did not happen with French wines of the same vintage. I mentioned what I had read in a Suzanne Summer’s book, that California wines did have Fluoride in them as the tanks used for fermentation were topped off with city water, compensating for evaporation. No one really knew if that was a cause.
I am currently enrolled in an on line educational series with Perque Integrative Health and in the May lecture Dr. Jaffe mentioned that Insulin is a protein molecule high in sulfur. Toxic metals are attracted to the sulfur and will attach. This causes insulin antibodies to form. Our immune system has targeting / signaling proteins that identify “foreign” particles and signals the white cells to attack and remove. In this case the insulin we need is attacked as it has a toxic metal attached to it. This is one of the reasons we are seeing such an increasing number of diabetics and blood sugar regulation issue. 
Then I remembered the conversation on fluoride. Wines are preserved with sulfites. What if the fluoride attaches to the sulfites essentially removing their preservative effect. The fluoride would bind up the added sulfites as well as the naturally occurring ones leading to a rapid break down once the aged wine is exposed to oxygen on opening. This makes sense to me as the organic wineries are at a loss to explain why their wines still taste good after years of storage. Typically the lack of sulfites means the wines will go bad. The naturally occurring sulfites are preserving the wine just fine because they are still intact. 
When we are tired, and maybe a tiny bit forgetful, it is not age, it is your cell health. We simply cannot win the fight against degeneration without targeted supplementation and health oriented eating. We are human and we seem to enjoy being reminded of how crummy we can feel by forgetting to take the supplements and eating bad. But we also have the unique human ability to get back up each time we fall.
The number one reason for fatigue and exhaustion is going to be the side effects of medications. The next reason is going to be cell energy production. Third is going to be a bad thyroid and or adrenal glands. If things are not right don’t give up. Get back up and get back on your supplements and look for the organic carrots… and wine. 
If you are ever in the grocery store, in the coffee isle, and you see someone burst one of those bean bags, look and see if it is me, and then you can laugh.
I am attaching the website to the winery that sells organic wines. Strack’s sells organic sulfite free wine as does Al’s. I am going to buy some for the 4th of July, my plan is to have a wine tasting contest. The best tasting organic wine goes first. Next week I want to share some cooking ideas for summer parties. We can eat healthy and it can taste good.
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