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All of us have read about the importance of Essential Fatty Acids, but not too often do we read why.

The oils let the cell wall ‘breath’.  Our cells have a fatty protein outer membrane.  The fatty part lets the cell wall become permeable while the protein gives the cell its structure.  We need the fats to be pliable so nutrients can come in and toxins and waste products can come out.

The Essential Fatty Acids are the Omega 3, 6, and 9 oils.  Omega 6 are the most common in our diet. We will find these in grains and Avocados.  Omega 9 oils are found in olive oil.  Omega 3 oils can be found in nuts such as Brazil nuts and Perilla seeds.  The highest concentration is from cold water fish and the best EPA/DHA ratios.

Omega 3 oils are the ones that are most often low in our diet and the one that is most important for cellular function.  It allows cell detoxification, it can lower triglycerides, and is a great mood booster.

It is important that the fish oil used is processed properly.  It has to be distilled with nitrogen and packed in a nitrogen processing machine.  Proper processing of the oil will lead to a capsule with no oxygen to ensure stability.  If oxygen is in the oil it will go rancid.  This is when you burp the fish taste.  You will also see oils with a lot of flavoring agents to hide the taste/smell of the rancid oil.  It costs more to do it right.

We also want to ensure that the oil is 100% mercury and PCB free.  What we are looking for is a manufacturer that goes to the parts per billion toxicity testing, not parts per million.

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