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DNA Protection - What Should We Eat? Part 1

300px-Telomere_capsHuman Chromosomes are grey with the white protective end caps of Telomeres.

The researchers wanted to know why Grandma and her friends did not have any health issues.  It would appear they were drinking a lot of alcohol and they were expecting some sort of damage.  What they found was a predominately Alkaline Forming Diet with lots of mineral water and a high mineral content organic homemade wine.  

The researchers focused on the wine and this is where Resveratrol came from.  You may remember this as an antioxidant that was popular some years ago.  It is a polyphenol, essentially a highly specific bioflavonoid that protects the chromosomes from degenerating.  Because the wine was organic, the meats were natural without preservatives, and there was a high volume of fresh vegetables and fruit these three individuals were protecting themselves from accelerated aging.

Our DNA is a chromosome the wiggly strands you would see in pictures.  There is an end cap called a Telomere and this essentially stops the chromosome from unraveling.  What makes an orange the color orange is a bioflavanoid.  The bioflavonoid in the organic red wine was helping to maintain the health of the chromosome allowing for a long healthy life.

All of us reading this are going to live a long life.  If we are going to live to be 100 the goal is to live independently without assisted living.

Since the time of that information, we have learned more about what protects our body from unnecessary damage and premature aging. We can do DNA fragmentation tests.  We can measure our Telomeres.  What is nice about these tests is confirmation that we are doing what we need to do to stay healthy.  Whatever you are doing now to stay healthy, is it good enough?

What protects us is the high minerals from spring water, and the bioflavonoids and vitamin C from colored fruit and vegetables.  What the testing has shown is the physical demands of our busy lifestyles and environmental pollutants dictates we cannot do this alone with food.  We simply cannot meet our magnesium and vitamin C demands without supplementation.  Our physical activity levels need highly absorbable bioflavonoids to enhance the Vitamin C found in the Pain and Repair Guard.  We need the extra magnesium with the Mg Plus and the absorption carrier, Choline Citrate.  When you get to 100 you have my permission to drink a bottle of organic red wine daily.  In the meantime…

There is a place in the south of France that has a very high life expectancy and they are really happy all the time.  Next Sunday we are going to talk about that place and talk about what they eat.  I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. McGuckin

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  1. Barbara Johnston says
    Sep 16, 2019 at 1:55 PM

    Great blog!

    • says
      Sep 18, 2019 at 10:48 AM

      Thank you, Barb! Glad you enjoyed it!

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