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DNA fragmentation is the destruction of your genes.  The chromosome that makes up your gene can die early if there is not enough cellular energy.  The goal is to prevent a drop in cellular energy so that the DNA stays healthy.

When the DNA is breaking down faster than expected, there will be an elevation of the chromosomal material in urine called 8-hydroxy-2′- Deoxyguanosine(8-OHdG).

This test helps to identify if you are at a healthy state.  For example, if we identify a high rate of DNA material in the urine, we know there is a higher risk of developing damage to your organs.

The simple key to prevention is asking what you can do to improve the health of your DNA. Are you doing enough with your diet, nutritional intake, exercise, and is it working?  This test will tell you if you are meeting your overall body’s nutritional needs.  It’s a good place to start. If this test comes back with results in an optimal range, then you know your current regimen is good.

If the test comes back with a high level of DNA material in the urine, then we have work to do.  We would run additional tests to find out what is your personal nutritional deficit. We function, repair, and detoxify at a cellular level.  The goal is to support ourselves at a cellular level by meeting nutritional demands and to incorporate a healthy lifestyle for true prevention.

If you want more information, please call the office and ask about the DNA Oxidative Stress Test.


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