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Detoxification at the Cellular Level with the ELISA/ACT Delayed onset Allergy Test

Detoxification at the Cellular Level with the ELISA/ACT Delayed onset Allergy Test
A quick recap, Patient B did his Delayed Onset Allergy Test and came back with hypersensitivities to beef, cayenne pepper, and several other foods I have to stay away from for the next six months. In addition to the foods, I came up allergic to some chemicals. My concern is that the chemicals are storing inside me and I need to get them out. It is time for me to do the Vitamin C Flush on a regular basis.
The cells in our body take in triglycerides and use Vitamin C to create electrons to be used in the formation of energy – called ATP. I am still marveled that the research team at Perque figured out how to make a purified 100% Left Handed Molecular Ascorbate Vitamin C. It is an exact duplicate of Vitamin C found in nature and they paired it to this ingenious method of detoxification.
The Vitamin C in this form is absorbed as soon as it leaves the stomach and within 30 minutes is stimulating additional energy production throughout your whole body. The first thing a cell will do is use the energy to remove cellular debris and any toxins. The debris and toxins are moved out of the cell with the help of the Omega 3 and 6 oils and are deposited into the lymphatic chain. The lymphatic system drains into a sac that lines the descending large intestine on the left side. This sac is called the Mesenteric Colon and it drains into the rectum.
The rectum has a spongy type tissue and it will hold the lymphatic fluid until a saturation level is reached. The muscles of the rectum will “wring the rag” and expel the fluid. What is going to come out is not water but is really lymphatic fluid. This is the best cellular detox that there is. I plan on doing this cleanse every two weeks for the next three months to detoxify and speed repair of my whole body.
I do feel a lot better after being off of the beef for a couple weeks now. I have better energy and I do not ache all over. I notice that I do not ache the most getting out of bed in the morning. My digestion is better staying away from the hot peppers and soy products. I am taking all of my supplements including Digesta Guard and Endura Guard to repair my intestine because I do not want to make new allergies.
The hardest part right now is shrinking the volume of food going in. The molecular structure of Vitamin C is similar to sugars. Vitamin C will curb a sweet tooth. Camomile Tea is a relaxant and I find it helps prevent nibbling after eating. The Camomile Tea helps me go the whole 12 hours after dinner without food.
Next week I want to talk about endurance with exercise. My goal is to enjoy the exercise by not fatiguing quickly and to recover faster.
But right now I am looking up the company that makes Scott’s toilet paper. If there is a surge in the stock price you can thank me. I woke up early and I’ve been doing rounded teaspoons of Vitamin C in a large glass of water every twenty minutes. I have queued “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven to play on the computer as loud as possible, the whole family is going to experience this event. Ok, that’s it, I literally gotta go.
Thanks for reading.
Dr. Brian McGuckin

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