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Delayed Onset Allergy Testing for Chemicals and Weight Gain

IMG_2506First, I got my 10,000 steps in this morning.  I’m trying.  Second, my allergy test showed several chemicals I am reacting to.  My Omega 3 oil levels have gone up, and that helps us detoxify.  My Omega 6 to 3 ratio is 4:1, which is the ideal that helps.  I am detoxifying stored chemicals out of my fat layer or my exposure to chemicals is high and I need to do more to get them out of me.  The goal is to do the vitamin C flush weekly to improve cellular detoxification of these chemicals.  It matters because chemicals and toxic metals will shut down cellular pathways.  The cells become less efficient and we require more calories as we cannot turn food into energy.  More on cell energy and weight gain in a minute.

There was a corn starch plant in Hammond, Indiana called American Maize.  You might remember the sulfur smell coming off the Skyway.  They turned field corn into starch that was used to make cardboard.  Their researchers invented corn syrup.  It was less expensive than cane sugar, and the soda industry began using it.  American Maize needed money and sold the patents to Archer Daniels Midland and we now have corn syrup everywhere.

Corn syrup interferes with hormones that control our eating.  You are never full and you are always hungry.  For Fourth of July, get a six-pack of your favorite soda with corn syrup.  Then get a similar tasting soda with cane sugar.  You can drink all six of the corn syrup sodas, but it is almost impossible to get three of the cane sugar one’s down.  Funny how I know that.

That is a lot more calories consumed because of corn syrup, and it explains why weight is going up nationwide.  There is another reason we get into trouble and that is the chemicals and toxic metals.  They can disrupt how cells function.

Triglycerides inside a cell are broken down by vitamin C, the L-Ascorbate Potent C, and they release an electron.  The electron is picked up by Selenomethionine, the natural selenium form, and vitamin E, all 8 fractions including tocotrienols.  The selenium and vitamin E trap the electron, that is why they are called antioxidants.  The electron will oxidize damaging the cell if it is bound by antioxidants.  Vitamin C then transports this to the energy producing components of a cell called mitochondria.  Mitochondria uses magnesium, Mg Plus with the carrier Choline Citrate, along with just about everything in a multivitamin, the Life Guard, plus Coenzyme Q 10, Mito Guard, to make cell energy.

If the mitochondria are swamped with hydrogen, the hydrogen will grab oxygen, and drowned in water- Two hydrogen plus an oxygen make water.  This is why we track the first morning’s urine pH, hydrogens are acidic.  We gain weight because the body still needs energy.  Instead of one pound of food giving an equal amount of energy, now we need two pounds of food to get the same amount of cell energy.

Now, think of the chemicals we come in contact with disrupting this system.  The insidious part of this is that these chemicals will not freely leave.  They have to be forced out with cell energy.  That is the reason for the vitamin C cellular cleanses and all the supplements.  They help the cell make cell energy to do this.

I came up with chemical responses on my Delay Onset Allergy Test.  What this means is that my white blood cells exploded when coming in contact with these chemicals with the specialized testing.  The only way my immune system would have a memory to react to these chemicals is if the chemicals are inside me.

Titanium Dioxide.  My detoxification pathway is full.  It means I am not taking in enough magnesium.  Stress lowers magnesium levels.

Ethyl Mercury is present.  I am getting exposure from somewhere and or I am detoxifying this out of my body.

EDTA is a preservative in foods, it also an industrial pollutant.

2,4,5 T.  This is an herbicide used outside of the U.S. meaning I am possibly getting exposure from fruit and vegetables outside the U.S.

Carbon Tetrachloride.  This is from non organic coffee, tea, and olive oil.  I need to buy more organics.

Carbamates.  A family of pesticides and fungicides.  Most likely from fruit and vegetables that are not organic.

Trichlorethylene.  This is a common air pollutant.

The theme of these reactants is detoxification pathways need more minerals and I need to be using more organic food items. I think of it as maintenance.  As I get these chemicals out of me, my 10,000 steps will go a lot farther.

It’s beautiful outside today, go to the Dunes and hike a trail.

Enjoy the weekend,

Dr. McGuckin
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