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Chemicals, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I Need Frank's Address

woman reading flyer about real salmon I went over to see my buddy, Frank, at Magro’s Shoes. Frank and John really do make the best orthotics. I was not after shoes that morning. I was after a favor. “Frank, I have a proposition for you and a free bottle of wine for your wife.” Frank has a big smile on his face. “Sure.” “I want to buy organic wine for a dinner party and at Al’s I have to order by the case but I want to taste different individual bottles instead.” Frank really laughs because he knows that Indiana does not allow direct shipping from out of state wineries for less than a case, but Michigan does and he lives there. Now that he knows my dire situation he might be after two bottles of wine for trade on his home address. Frank has the look of why? Wine is wine. I tell Frank about the sulfites and all the other things they put into wine to get a certain taste and I want chemical free organic sulfite free wine. Frank just has this look on his face, “This stuff better taste good.”

I am after chemicals and where they are coming from in my routine diet. On my allergy test I had vinyl chloride come up as a hypersensitivity allergic reaction. I am very good about staying away from stored food in plastic containers and I avoid plastic water bottles. It’s funny how things are right in front of you and you do not see it. I have the travel coffee mug with the stainless steel outside, ah, the inside is a hard plastic. I know it sounds silly but it was so obvious I did not think of it. How I noticed it was taste. The Hawaiian coffee I was so happy to get, tasted different in the glass mug vs my stainless steel travel coffee mug that was lined with plastic. My other primary allergies were beef – it was making my joints and muscles ache, soy – giving mild headaches, and hot peppers – irritating the intestines. Those I have stayed away from and have noticed a big difference with all of the complaints. It helps to know this as it makes eating to lose weight a lot easier when you feel better.

The chemicals though have my frustration. The chemicals are much harder to identify and avoid as they are in everything from the air with field spraying and car exhaust to minute amounts in water supplies.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

We have had several people recently with rheumatoid arthritis. This is an auto immune response where there is an immune system protein that identifies the cartilage of the joints as a foreign object and attacks it. This negative reaction doesn’t just happen out of bad luck. It happens because something went wrong with the immune system. When the immune system gets overloaded it goes berserk, it becomes hyperactive and attacks us. In this case the cartilage of the joints. The goal is to identify what caused the over loaded immune system with the Delayed Onset Allergy Testing, and then the process of the removal of the immune complexes, a fancy word for immune system proteins that do not like you. As you remove these complexes with the vitamin C cleanse you eventually get the body healthy enough that the negative immune memory actually stops its dominance and can become dormant.

How do we get into these predicaments? Everyone we test, except my friend Patient ‘A’ who came out PERFECT the other day, is low in Omega 3 oils. The EPA/DHA omega 3 oils let the cell breath; nutrients can come in and toxins can go out. We are unable to repair when the toxins build up from the low omega 3 oils and we are chronically low in Vitamin D, magnesium, and Vitamin C. Eventually the immune system goes berserk and we get sick. These illnesses can be helped and that is good, but prevention is a lot easier.

So, I am going to start my health kick off this summer with organic wine. You have to start somewhere.

I am having fun with the wine as an example, but it really is heavily manipulated as is commercial beer. When we do entertain family and friends this summer what are we feeding them and our kids? It matters.

Check out the wines our friend Carol told me about. I am on the hunt for a stainless steel lined commuter mug.

Next weekend I want to talk about entertaining and what to eat that actually tastes good. Frank’s wife is going to be the tester for the organic wine. It better taste good.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Brian McGuckin…/wine-pacific-redwood/

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