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Vitamin D Levels and Viruses

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Today, September 8 th, we will have almost 13 hours of sunlight.

The new moon is September 28 th and we will have lost almost an hour of sunlight in just 20 days. Officially we will have gone from 12 hours and 44 minutes to 11 hours and 59 minutes.

All of a sudden we are seeing a significant increase in viruses at the office. Virus levels do not increase once we are past Labor Day. Germ theory says when someone coughs on us the concentration of virus overwhelms our immune system and we get sick. This is not supposed to happen to a healthy person. Our immune systems are supposed to be active and will protect us when we are exposed to viruses. The lack of sunlight is effecting our immune system.

We are supposed to have enough white blood cells called Natural Killer cells to remove the viruses we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Vitamin D levels have dropped with a reduction in sunlight. Vitamin D is a nervous system communication hormone. One feature of this nervous system communication is to allow proper brain feed back. It is a mood elevator and anti depressant. On a sunny day we tend to be happier than on a gloomy day. Part of this euphoria is vitamin D exposure.

If your vitamin D level drops your mood can drop and we will not handle stresses as well.  Stress lowers your immune system response. The white blood cells called Natural Killer Cells need to be called into action immediately to remove any viruses that have entered your body. If your vitamin D is low there will be a delay in the Natural Killer cell activation. Virus can begin to multiply and our memory immune system is called into action and that takes time to knock the virus out, but by then you are sick.

Vitamin D stimulates Natural Killer Cell activity preventing illnesses. Vitamin D also helps your immune system while w are sick reducing the duration of the cold, but it would have been a lot easier to not get sick in the first place.

Knowing your Vitamin D number is key to taking the right amount. We recommend getting tested every two years.

We do not have to get sick with the weather change and we are supposed to be happy even on cloudy days.  Get out in the sun this afternoon and make sure you and your loved ones are taking their vitamin D.

Have a great weekend.

Dr. McGuckin

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